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Scuba Diving in Crete Sep 26

Nowhere else on the planet you will find together the intoxicating blue of the Aegean, embracing the sparkling white of the houses, the fragrance of the dry earth mingling with the fresh smell of seaweed, the roundness of the pebbles on the beaches and that incredible clear light with its rays penetrating deeply into the boundless blue! Even the fish are unique in their colors or the way they react!

Mediterranean waters

Although many people consider as top diving destinations the Carribean or the Red Sea, the Mediterranean underwater landscape has much to offer to the human eye. The Mediterranean Sea gives life to 650 species of fish, to seals, dolphins and thousand of invertebrates, while special mention should be made of the well-known sea grass Posidonia, which replenishe the oxygen in its waters.

In Crete you will find many organized and experienced diving centers right on the beach, offering multiple diving courses and activities for people of all ages, in order to explore the beauty of the Mediterranean. Scuba diving is for everyone, even for children of 12 years or more, allowing you to enjoy this activity with your family and friends.

Activities Crete Oct 10

The HCMR Greek Aquarium is situated in the place now called Thalassocosmos, site of the HCMR marine science and aquaculture institutes, a meeting point where science, discovery and recreation are equally accessible. The aquarium has therefore been designed to serve the needs of a wide range of visitors and user groups. Inside the aquarium, there is a designated visitor capacity of 300. The aquarium will be open every single day of the year, including public and religious holidays. Since the opening of the aquarium in December 2005, there have been more than 100,000 visitors.

Activities Crete - Cretaquarium

Up to four thousand marine organisms will be introduced into the aquarium where they will spend their lives within specially designed and constructed tanks containing 1.6 million litres of seawater, and visible to the public through 300 m2 of glass or transparent acrylic materials. Overall the building covers 5000 m2, including the backstage and technical support areas. At both the entrance and exit of the aquarium there is a coffee shop and a central meeting point.

Some very small organisms, such as phytoplankton, zooplankton, eggs, larvae, will be visible by means of gigantic screens that the visitor will be able to manipulate without difficulty. Thus, visitors will be introduced in a dynamic way, following the route designed for them, to the leading roles in the marine environment played by Science, Technique, Marine organisms and last but by no means least, Humankind itself.

For detailed information about Activities Crete visit the site of Cretaquarium

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