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Agios Nikolaos Beaches Sep 30

Magnificent beaches can be found on the coasts of the prefecture of Lassithi such as the unique Vai Beach with its incredible palm forest (5000 palm trees), its azure waters and its golden sand. More wonderful beaches are available such as, for example, Makrigialos, Istros, Pahia Ammos or the superb white sandy beaches on the islet of Hrissi. The coasts of the Lassithi prefecture are full of enchanting coves and idyllic beaches with crystalline waters. Here are some of those little paradises.

Agios Nikolaos Beaches

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Heraklion Beaches Sep 30

The variety and extent of Crete’s coastline make it possible for bathers to enjoy an infinite number of different places to swim, all of them lapped by warm, crystal clear water. NORTH COAST Fodele beach 23 km west of Iraklion. The sandy beach is by the highway from Heraklion to Rethymnon and Chania Agia Pelagia beach is located 16 km west of Iraklion. The bay of Agia Pelagia is protected from north-west winds and the sea is almost always calm.

Heraklion Beaches

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Rethymnon Beaches Sep 30

Rethymnon Beach Situated in front of the city of Rethymnon, it is a long sandy beach, extended at a length of approximately 12 kilometers at the West. Within the city and its suburbs, it is very crowded in summer, but going westwards you can find parts with less people. Platanes Beach The beach of Platanes is situated 4 kilometers far from Rethymnon at the East. It is a beautiful sandy beach, open to the North, so it is affected by the "meltemia".

Rethymnon Beaches



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Chania Beaches Sep 30

Numerous beautiful beaches with soft sand or coloured pebbles can be found in the prefecture of Chania as well as plenty of deserted coves and lovely bays. Many of the beaches are located on the northern coast of Crete and on the southern one. They all have crystalline waters and many of them look like paradise. Here is a small list of the multitude of the beaches of this area. Many more can be found while exploring and are at least as wonderful as the one listed below. 

Chania Beaches

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Crete Beaches Feb 23

All beaches in Crete are listed in the following site. Choose an area of Crete and read all about the beaches in that area: 1. Beaches in Chania / Hania. 2. Beaches in Rethymnon. 3. Beaches in Heraklion / Iraklion. 4. Beaches in Lassithi. 5. Beaches in Hersonissos. 6. Beaches For Naturism in Crete. 

Crete Beaches

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Beaches of Crete Feb 23

Here you can find some of the most astonishing beaches and coasts of our island. Martsalo – Mesara This is where Apostle Paul has disembarked on his journey to Rome and has preached Christianism for the first time. At the middle of a gorge one can see a church of Saint Mary, nested in a cave, dating from the first Christian years. Hrissi Island (Gaidouronissi) – Ierapetra A destination proposed in all tourist guides and not in vain. Little boats depart daily from Ierapetra to carry visitors some seven miles south, to a small island covered with cedar-trees and surrounded by perfect beaches where the sand is pink, composed of sea-shell fragments. Tsoutsouras – Southern Heraklio Inner tourism from the surrounding villages of Crete, little tavernas on the waves which will undertake the mission of frying the fishes just out of the fish-boat; it’s so nice being in Crete in summer time! Balos – Cape of Gramvousa The most famous landscape of Crete and it is definitely worth it. All the shades of blue and green, a warm, shallow lagoon bursting with sea shells.

Beaches of Crete

Orthi Ammos – Frangokastelo Early in the morning, a few days per year, Drosoulites, the lost souls of Fragokastelo, appear behind the dunes … Falassarna Crystal clear blue waters, a submerged ancient city, cyclopean walls, a stone throne of unknown time and origin, Crete in all its splendour. 

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About Crete Beaches Feb 23

Beaches in western Crete are strung like washing along the north and south coasts with a mighty string of mountains between. The mountains are so dominant that, as storms and rain batter the north, the south can enjoy warm and peaceful skies. Some northern beaches have turned belly up to the package tour industry, especially along the strip west of Chania, but many more a low key, almost sedate air. The west coast beaches are more remote and have few tourist facilities yet are so beautiful they are a magnet to coach trippers. In the south the mountains plunge vertically into the sea leaving much of the coast uninhabited but with occasional bays host small unassuming resorts. Wherever you are, that mountain backdrop provides awesomely splendid scenery. 

About Crete Beaches

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