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Crete Local Products Dec 04

Crete Island produces many products of high quality which can be found in the 4 capitals of each prefecture (Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lassithi).Crete Greece is particularly famous for its excellent olive oil, the best in the world. Known for its healthiness, the Cretan cuisine is often based on olive oil. Some of the Cretan specialities (oil-based) are sun dried string beans in olive oil and tomato sauce, rabbit cooked in olive oil and bay leaves, snails with olive oil, vinegar and rosemary and simple but tasty snack called “dakos” which consists of dry barley bread soaked in olive oil and topped with crushed fresh tomatoes, chopped onion and garlic.Lamb is also wonderfully cooked in Crete as well as the goat (usually boiled) and the sausages. 

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Products of Crete Dec 04

For Cretans, the secret of longevity is very simple. They eat anything that their rich soil produces! They consume a lot of fruit, vegetables, greens, fresh produce, legumes, cheese and bread. Cretans use herbs to add flavour to their meals; they make sweets/cakes with natural sweeteners, honey and grape-juice syrup; while the excellent Cretan wine is an indispensable accompaniment to their meals. Cretans do not eat meat or, rather, they did not eat meat until a few decades ago. Meat has always had a ritual quality in Crete, and generally in Greece. In modern times, they consumed meat only a few times a year, i.e. during festivities or, if wealthy enough, every Sunday. The ingenuity of Cretans exploited fully the entire spectrum of ingredient combinations, which resulted in volumes of recipes for meals and deserts. 

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Crete Products Dec 04

In the latest years many mentions have been made about the Cretan Diet and Mediterranean Diet. So it is now well known that the Cretan Diet is not only aromatic and tasteful, but also extremely healthy. The food has already taken the right place in our culture, equivalent to our monumental identity and our sun and sea. The most important product that gave so much credit to Cretan Diet is our virgin olive oil. The contribution of the local wine, vegetables, meat, dairy products (feta cheese, gruere) is also significant. The modern dietology considers the Cretan diet and the Cretan way of life as the reason for long living and good health. Most of the international researches bring Crete forward as the example of the Mediterranean Diet. Since the suggestion that the residents of the island have the lowest mortality rates internationally and the less heart attack or cancer diseases, scientists started searching for the identity of the Cretan Diet that gives the Cretans all these health privileges. But very soon it was obvious that it was all about a story well hidden in the past time. That means it isn’t a result of a research by some scientists but a biological experiment that lasts thousands of years! 

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