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Map of Crete Feb 21

Crete is a land endowed with a rich historical heritage which spans more than nine millennia since its fertile, secure, and strategically placed land mass has been inhabited since the seventh millennium BC. Cultures on the island have sown the land with ancient palaces, cities, villas, and a plethora of exquisite artifacts which date back to the Minoan era. As a visitor I marveled at the unique cultural heritage of Minoan culture and I created several pages around the experiences and pictures from my visits.

Map of Crete

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Crete Map Feb 21

Nurtured by the fertile and secure island of Crete, and situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, the inhabitants of the island developed an advanced culture evident in the artifacts their labor produced. A joyous seafaring people, the Minoans did not create monuments to their gods, or kings. Instead, their art speaks of a humble religion, and their architecture serves the well being of the community, and reveals their relationship to nature and to themselves. 

Crete Map

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Map of Crete Island Feb 21

Crete is the largest of all the Greek islands and so independent that many Cretans regard it as almost a separate country. One of the most popular tourist destinations, Crete has two international airports and excellent roads. The landscape encompasses rugged snow capped mountains and lush green coastal plains. There are many historical sites to visit including Knossos, home of the fabled Minotaur. In Crete you can enjoy great nightlife, excellent beaches and tasty food. An ideal place to relax and recharge. 

Map of Crete Island

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