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Cretan Foods Oct 29

Cretan Food, Wine, Spirits & Organics

Ahh Cretan food! Of course the locals don’t know it, but the Cretan diet is the best in the world, according to the World Health Organisation. The locals just know, instinctively and via strong traditions, how to live life, and this includes how to enjoy good food.
Proudly, Crete now has one of the highest registrations of organic produce in all of Greece, which is a wonderful way of continuing land practices unchanged over centuries and ensuring healthy eating and a healthy planet.

Whatever your tastes, you will find something wonderful about Cretan food. Is it the atmosphere? Is it the air? The mountains? The soil? The fresh water? The Mediterranean? Is it the farmer or the cook? This will take a few hours of diálogo dialogue… so let’s pour another wine and discuss… Dópio local, is a great Greek word to know if you are travelling. It can refer to just about any food or drink or preparation, and ensures your hosts know you want the real thing. Ask for dópio crassi local wine.

Cretan Foods

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