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Festivals on Crete Oct 29

There are several other festivals during the year. They are used to celebrate special events like the new wine, the orange harvest, the chestnut-picking, or the sultana and raisin season. Festivals provide an opportunity to taste this year’s product, to see friends, hear music, dance, as well as to eat and drink.

Presently, there are several special events organized to present the older Cretan customs to visitors as well as to young Cretans. An elaborate traditional Cretan wedding is staged each year in Kritsa, near Agios Nikolaos, and in Rethimnon.

In the Spring the sheep are sheared by groups of men who co-operate to shear each others herds. The whole family helps and at the end there is a well-deserving hearty meal for all.

Festivals on Crete

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