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Heraklion Lodging Dec 16

Heraklion city is a common busy and noisy town. It is the business, administrative and commercial center of the Prefecture and of the whole island, partly due to its large port. Even though Heraklion is not the ideal place for relaxation holidays it can offer many options to a traveler. First of all, you can find many lodging alternatives in a wide price range. In addition there are numerous restaurants, cafes and nightclubs where you can taste the local cuisine and enjoy the nightlife of this vivid city. Heraklion has many interesting places which you can visit, ranging from monuments of the Minoan civilization to Venetian castles and traditional markets. Heraklion is located in the north part of the island and its closest beach is Ammoudara. Last but not least, you can consider Heraklion city as your base from which you will explore the wider area’s unique beaches and traditional villages.

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