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Crete History Feb 23

The Iraklion Archaeological Museum The most magnificent collection of Minoan art and culture in the world, unique in beauty and completeness is housed in this museum. The Palace of Knossos The famous Palace of Minos 5km south of Iraklion. The Great Palace covered an area of 20.000 sq. meters and had 1.400 rooms. Every section of the Palace had a specific use. The Palace of Phaistos The archaeological site, the palace, the findings – The Festos Disc. According to mythology, Phaistos was the seat of king Radamanthis, brother of king Minos. It was also the city that gave birth to the great wise man and soothsayer Epimenidis, one of the seven wise men of the ancient world. The Palace of Zakros Like the other Cretan palaces, the palace of Zakros, was first built in about 1900 B.C. …The long term excavations have yielded over 10,000 objects… The archaeological site and the palace of Malia The Palace of Malia, which covered an area of 7,500 sq.m. , is the third- largest of the Minoan Palaces and is considered the most "provincial" from the architectural point of view.

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